The 15th Annual Team Jenny 5K is officially open!

Please welcome our newest recipient

Kaleb Hackenburg

to the team!

Kaleb is an 11 year old 5th grader at Bellevue Elementary. He was diagnosed in January 2024 with Germinoma, a type of brain tumor. He is currently recieving chemotherapy and radiation at Nationwide in Columbus, OH.

He enjoys EVERYthing outdoors including sports, dirt bikes and swimming. 

Welcome Kaleb!!

Team Jenny is on the cusp of passing $150,000 raised since the start of this all. It would take another record breaking year (and then some), but we're starting earlier this year in hopes we can spread the word longer and farther. 

Please share. Please talk. Please pass along to anyone willing to listen. 

This is a great cause with all proceeds going to our recipient.

Last Updated 3/10/2024

TEAM JENNY emerged in 2007 when Jennifer (Gabel) Burroughs was in a life threatening accident. So many people supported Jenny and her family during that difficult time that TEAM JENNY now wants to help other families facing medical hardships

After 14 years

TEAM JENNY has raised over $130,000!

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