I would like to officially welcome the 2016 recipient, Tristan Palija, to “TEAM JENNY”. Tristan is a 10-year old boy in Green Springs, OH. He was diagnosed with Pre-B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2011 and recently relapsed in December 2015. Tristan has a great spirit and enjoys playing basketball, baseball and hanging out with friends and family! 

2015 was, well, cold and wet. Despite the weather working against us, all of you wonderful runners and walkers still turned out and we were able to donate $8,300 to Garrett and his family.

Hoping the weather cooperates this year and we can continue the record breaking growth we've had in past years. The 8th annual TEAM JENNY 5K is set for Saturday June 25th, 2016.

Race forms and sponsor letters can be found under our 'Race Info' tab.

Spread the word. Let's continue our growth!!

TEAM JENNY emerged in 2007 when Jennifer (Gabel) Burroughs was in a life threatening accident. So many people supported Jenny

 and her family during that difficult time that TEAM JENNY now wants to help other families facing medical hardships.

To Date
TEAM JENNY has raised over $50,000!

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